Looking for incredible, locally sourced catering for your wedding, work event or social occasion?


As a social enterprise, our driving principle is to achieve a societal impact. We want to fundamentally change the food system and ensure that everyone has access to delicious and nutritious food.  Any and all profits we make from our catering are reinvested to help us achieve our objectives and improve people’s lives.  

We are delighted to have catered for events of all shapes and sizes over the years; from weddings to business lunches and birthday parties. We take pride in making incredible memories for you and your guests. We know how to make your day truly special, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to remember the food we provided for years to come.

Please drop us an e-mail if you’d like to chat through how we can help cater your special day at catering@edinburghfoodsocial.org

We believe that it’s impossible to make great food without great ingredients and we are always working with local growers,  farmers and producers to source fantastic produce to turn into delicious dishes. 

Here are just a few of the people that we are proud to work with; 

 Milk & Cream – Bryce & Ashley at Mossgiel Family Dairy, Dumfriesshire 

 Lamb, Pork & Beef- Denise & Chris at Peelham Farm, Berwickshire 

Vegetables- James at Tattie Shaws in Leith, Phantassie Farm in East Linton 

Eggs – Smashing Eggs providing only the best  free range & organic eggs 

Salads- Mike from East Coast Organics, East Lothian 

Fish- Angus at Belhaven Smokehouse, East Lothian 

Charcuterie- Susie & Steven from East Coast Cured in Leith 

Wine –  L’Art du Vin, Fife