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This 6-8 week project culminates in pupils serving a menu they planned and cooked from our food truck. We’ve never failed to be amazed by what these young people pull-off and the changes we see in them throughout the project.

Food Truck in Schools Project

We are passionate about delivering food education in school across the city including Gracemount, Castlebrae, St. Thomas of Aquin’s and Portobello High School.

Our Food Truck Project has been developed to inspire young people around the variety, flavour and goodness of local, seasonal food.

Each class is divided into conversation and cooking, where we discuss food as a career, food labelling and seasonality as well as writing and costing menus that are then delivered to those in the community on the last day of the project. The Food Truck Project develops hands-on cookery skills as well as anchoring literacy, numeracy, problem solving, communication and teamwork.

The aims of the project are to:

Empower students with the skills and knowledge to prepare healthy, tasty meals.

Teach the students to understand the basics of running a food truck and pursuing a career in gastronomy.

Help students realise their potential, improve their confidence and team-working skills. 

Student’s will develop communication and teamwork through making weekly decisions as a class on what to make the next week and all the decisions for the food truck: What the menu will be? Who we will serve?

Successfully running the food truck is an amazing achievement for these young people and this project never fails to bring us joy. 


In the community, our food truck can often be found at open days and fairs across the city, sharing delicious food of all shapes and sizes but especially our sourdough toasties!

If you would like the food truck to visit you, get in touch or visit our catering page.

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Our classes and workshops focus on sharing the stories behind our food; the growers, farmers and producers as well as giving attendees the skills to create beautiful dishes to share with family and friends.

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