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Everyone deserves delicious & nutritious food

Since 2015, Edinburgh Food Social has shared a passion for local, sustainable and seasonal food through hands-on community food education. This includes cookery classes, school projects and community meals.

We teach young people  employability programme giving young people the skills and understanding to create a career for themselves in the food industry.

In 2020, we co-founded Food for Good as a response to the Coronavirus pandemic, providing individuals and communities with ready-to-heat food. Food for Good were the first responders to a need for food in Edinburgh and provided over 130,000 meals.

Our social enterprise is supported by our cookery classes and event catering.

Our goals are to:

  • Enhance lives and improve health through learning about food.
  • Build confidence by giving people the skills and resources to provide for themselves and their families.
  • Provide safe places for community meals and food events.
  • Nourish people by providing easier access to sources of good food.
  • Inspire young people and offer a supported and respected career path into the hospitality industry.
  • Create a food culture that supports the people who live in Scotland.

“St. Teresa's have worked in partnership with Edinburgh Food Social during the pandemic in December to deliver food packages to those in need within our local community. EFS is a great addition to our multi-agency network. They work extremely well with our young people and offer an informative insight to where the food is sourced and how it has been prepared. This information is then relayed to our service users via our youth volunteers. Moreover, those who have received food packages have given us excellent feedback. I look forward to the continuation of our collaborative journey.'”