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Since the project launched in March 2021, we have been collaborating with Puppet Animation Scotland to deliver AnimATE workshops.

AnimATE is an intergenerational project through which families can explore their creativity together, both in the animation studio and the kitchen. Coming together over the course of the day, a group of families will learn the basics of animation and collaborate together on the creation of a shared movie. At the same time, we support the families to have fun in the kitchen and learn new culinary skills in the creation of a shared meal. At the end of the session everyone can join together to enjoy the meal and the film that they have created.

Working with Edinburgh-based animators Dominika Jackowska and Holly Summerson, along with our chefs, the workshop has evolved into a seasonal feast whereby natural ingredients featured in the meal and sourced outdoors are used as base materials for the animation.

The programme is run in partnership with local community providers with a view to tackling holiday hunger and social isolation, and encouraging intergenerational collaboration and creativity.