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It’s our favourite time of the year: pumpkin season! Pumpkins are incredibly nutritious and versatile to cook with. We are on a mission at Edinburgh Food Social to make sure everyone knows that there is more to pumpkins than just carving them for Halloween (as fun as that may be).

This year, we have developed a pumpkin-stuffed flatbread recipe to go with cold-weather stews and soups. We used a variety of pumpkins from our friends at Kilduff Farm in East Lothian. They have an incredible selection of pumpkin varieties including table star, crown prince, kabocha, festival, tractor, red kuri, harlequin, little gem, and tiny white casperitas. Watch our team day-out adventures at Kilduff Pumpkin Patch on the Edinburgh Food Social Instagram.

Community chef, Andrew, made this recipe along with an autumn veggie feast at one of our cooking sessions at the Greenhouse Pantry this week. They used some leftover produce from the Craigmillar Growers including small turnips, kale, leeks, white carrots, chard and fennel to make a delicious stew as well.

You can easily keep the flatbreads vegetarian by leaving out the chorizo and they will be just as delicious. We like the smoky flavour of chorizo, but you can achieve a very similar flavour by using a pinch of smoked paprika instead. Sage is a wonderful perennial herb and can be used fresh or dried. You can also swap it for your favourite dried herb!

Try this recipe at home and let us know your favourite way to enjoy pumpkin this autumn. Follow along with the photos from our cooking session below.