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We are delighted to launch the Even Greener Menu!

Our chefs curate a custom menu that celebrates seasonality and creatively ensures no good food goes to waste.

Our chefs are experienced in creating spectacular meals that highlight the best of Scotland’s produce while also using ingredients that would otherwise go to waste. So, why not let them design your menu? The Even Greener menu is a fantastic way of ensuring your event has a positive environmental impact and offers a unique catering experience at a discounted rate.

The Even Greener menu includes riffs on our signature starters, mains, salads, and desserts, but with a 10% discount. Our chefs will do all the decision-making based on using delicious seasonal and sustainable ingredients. You simply choose how many courses and dishes you would like, let us know your dietary requirements and a few likes/dislikes, and then leave the rest to us. In choosing the Even Greener Menu, couples can also save the stress (or even fights!) that can happen when planning a wedding menu.

The Even Greener Menu also has a social impact. Event catering supports our community food projects which provide food education, interactive learning opportunities and community meals to locals in Craigmillar, and widely across Edinburgh. 

Why It’s Even Greener

We are constantly inspired by locally-grown, seasonal food in the Edinburgh Food Social kitchen. Not only is seasonal produce better for the planet, but it is a joy to cook with, as fruit and veg that is harvested while in season is even more delicious. 

We are also passionate about embracing sustainability by avoiding unnecessary air miles, carbon emissions, and food waste. We collaborate with local organisations to intercept surplus food and turn it into delicious, inventive dishes.


Kirsty Haigh, Head of Food at Edinburgh Food Social says;
“This isn’t just a menu; it’s a commitment to a positive environmental impact and a unique, discounted catering experience tailored for your event. It’s a marriage of good food and environmental responsibility— a new offering for Scotland’s eco-conscious couples. The Even Greener Menu sets a new precedent for the Scottish catering industry and empowers our collective journey towards a more sustainable food future.”


Join us in celebrating the Even Greener Menu—a step towards a greener, more sustainable culinary future. Let us create an unforgettable dining experience for your event while making a difference in the fight against food waste and in support of our planet. 

Get in touch about the Even Greener Menu.