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We are delighted to welcome Bo to the Edinburgh Food Social team! Bo joins us as the Event and Office Intern, a role recruited for in partnership with Inclusion Scotland. Here she shares a little something about her and her experiences at EFS so far.


Bo showing off some lovely seasonal veg!

I am originally from Hong Kong and a big foodie. Now living in Scotland, I have grown to love cooking and be more experimental with ingredients I can find locally. I am passionate about the kind of Chinese food I am used to, but I am also an avid lover of Indian, Malaysian, Vietnamese cuisines (the list goes on and on!). I feel so thankful for the exposure to the diverse food culture in Scotland and my food palate continues to grow as I try out more things in Scotland.

I graduated in Health and Social Care and have a career plan that focuses on working with people within the community. I am interested in community education and development, bringing a positive impact on health, wellbeing, personal development, and quality of life. And I am definitely someone that sees the need to promote good food that is sustainable, economical, and most importantly, healthy. 

I remember being excited to see the Event and Office Intern job advert and learning about Edinburgh Food Social. I have been so pleased to learn about the organisation’s vision and learn about their projects – especially transforming food culture. I am very interested to learn more about how social enterprises work. It was also thrilling to see EFS’ intention to make work more accessible for disabled people with Inclusion Scotland. As someone with ADHD, I think and work differently. I feel so grateful for the internship opportunity, with EFS having adaptive policy and practice when I need it.

I have been having fun with the community and at the office: I find it exciting to see so many younger and older Craigmillar residents who have shown continuous interest in learning about cooking. It is inspiring to see the variety of activities EFS runs and is planning for the future. I have been learning a great deal about organising events and liaising with community partners.

Andrew, Bo, and Kirsty

I am experiencing so much satisfaction from the job at EFS and receiving an immense amount of acceptance with my neurodiversity. I love everything I am learning with EFS and people that I work with. I wish to continue working for local communities, providing personable services and experiences. I would love to share what I have learned, along with my knowledge and experience with the local community in the future.

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